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Corinne Thompson. Artist ~ Sculptor 

I live in East Kent, in a village situated just outside of Canterbury surrounded by the rolling hills and woodland. I work from my gorgeous little studio at home, where I live with my husband, Allan, our son Felix, daughter Edie and our two dogs Hilda and Winston, horses, chickens and guineapigs!

From my earliest memory, animals have always been a part of my life. I spend so much time in their company whether as pets or in nature. There's so much variation on their different forms, colours and textures. I enjoy the challenge of translating this and their characters and movement into my creations.

This could also be said for my creating passion as I grew up with a ceramist mother and father who built. There was always a can do approach to making things which I think I've inherited!

I paint mainly in acrylics and sculpt in clay, resin and occasionally concrete. Nature is the ultimate craftsperson and provides our senses with so much stimuli and I'm so lucky to live in an environment where I am inspired by its beauty daily.

                                Corinne Thompson x

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