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Come and join a workshop 


I make things that excite me - be in its colour, its form or its function or if I'm really lucky all three ! I also love to experiment with the materials I use, which I find all part of the fun - especially when its successful! 

My sculptures are made through a combination of air drying processes using wire armature, clay and sometimes resin. This is a technique I have arrived at through trial and error, so its a fairly unique process. My work is finished mainly in acrylic but I also use a range of mixed media to achieve different results.


I offer fun and friendly sculpting classes in Barham Village Hall, Near Canterbury or for smaller groups in my purpose built studio nearby. All ages and abilities welcome! If you have any concerns then please just ask. All materials are provided but are easily obtainable, with no specialist equipment required to enable participants to continue on their creative journey from home should they choose.

Introduction to Sculpting - suitable for complete beginnings - basis for learning to sculpt in oven bake clay and how to decorate with paint and varnish. Approx 3/4 hours from £65pp for groups of 2/3 or £85pp 1-1. 

Introduction to Sculpting with wire armature - suitable for beginners - more advanced sculpting technique using plaster, air dry clay and various finishes. Completed over 3 sessions (to allow for drying time) with each session approx 2/3 hours from £45 per session or £120 if all three booked in advance. 

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Drop in classes - once students have completed either of the above classes they are able to book drop in sessions to either work on individual projects or as a social space. £25pp per 3 hour session. Material provided.

I'm always happy to answer questions on the techniques and materials I use, so please get in touch if I can help. I also run fun, friendly and informative workshops for larger groups off site and have experience in teaching crafts to children.


I'm a strong subscriber to the benefits of crafting on our mental wellbeing

"       We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.     "   Ernest Hemingway


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